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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Central Market

Central Market, Terengganu is located at the end of Jalan Bandar (Bandar Road). This bustling market building comprises of two floors and is the hub of Kuala Terengganu. The ground floor of Central Market, Terengganu is occupied by a number of vendors who sell everyday necessity items. The cacophony of the haggling customers and local women dressed in colorful, vibrant tudungs or head scarves and baju (traditional Malay top and long skirt) selling grain, fruits and sundry items are some of the common sights and sounds of this market.

There are a number of shops in Central Market in Terengganu that sell brassware, batik items, books and local medicine as well. The shops that occupy the top floor of the market sell a great selection of baju, scarves, songket- handwoven cloth and batik clothes. Many of these shops accept credit cards from shoppers.

Central Market, Terengganu is also known for its rows of candy and confectionery shops that sell all varieties of cakes, breads, confectioneries, pastries and local snacks and dessert. When in Central Market, do try out the colorful Malay and Indonesian cakes called kuih. The most common flavoring ingredients used in kuihs are coconut cream grated coconut either plain or flavored), pandan leaves and gula melaka or palm sugar. These are often neatly wrapped in banana leaves.

You can also try out the 'dodol', a strange tasting candy sold in this market. It is gooey in texture, is made from coconut and is extremely sweet. Another must-have local delicacy sold in this market is the 'serunding', which is usually sprinkled on rice or on the vegetable and meat dishes. This Malay delicacy is prepared by finely grating beef, chicken or lamb pieces, frying them in hot oil and then generously seasoning them with red hot chili peppers. Bread is the most common accompaniment for Serunding. Do not try it unless you really like spicy food.

Some other Malay specialties sold at Central Market, Terengganu are fish crackers, seasonal fruits, local arts and handicrafts and delicacies.